Healthy Men - Remote Wellness Coaching

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Healthy Men - Remote Wellness Coaching

Introduction:  It is our believe that the majority of men follow the “tough it out” philosophy of health – which means that instead of being proactive with their well being, they prefer to plough forward until they reach the point of no return when a Doctor gives them the bad news or they suffer a massive coronary. 

Our mandate is to invite men to take responsibility for their well being.  It is our hope that through a combination of educational materials, resources, programs, therapeutic interventions, workshops and conferences men will be able to take the necessary steps to take better care of themselves; and therefore be more positive members of their families and communities.

Please contact us to set-up a Health Wellness Coaching Session: 

Cowichan Communities Health Network : West Coast Men has sat on the regional health community to support the promotion of proactive self care for men.

Island Health:  We have also been involved with Island Health's revitalization task force.  We look forward to continuing to support Vancouver Island's wellness strategy.

Men's Health Month:  We promote the month of June as Men's Health Month leading up to Father's Day.

Movember:  We support organizations like Movember in all they do to promote men's health awareness.  International Men's Day is in November too!  Stay tuned for more details.

Stress Handbook: Check out this very good document that will support you in moving through stress!

Men's Health Survival Guide: (from Northern Health BC):  A great handbook filled with ideas for your health & wellbeing!

Australia's Men's Health Forum Newsletter - emale - Nov 2014